Part 1: Intelligent Systems
Part 2: Dark Dragon and Sword of Light
Part 3: Fire Emblem Gaiden
Part 4: Mystery of the Emblem
Part 5: Genealogy of the Holy War
Part 6: Thracia 776
Part 7: Sword of Seals
Part 8: Blazing Sword
Part 9: Fire Emblem Tradition
Part 10: BS, The Anime, The Card Game, and the Future

Originally written for
in January 2004
by Derek Miller

A History of Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem for Game Boy Advance was released in the United States on November 11th, 2003. The strategy/RPG captivated many of those who played it with its intriguing story, challenging gameplay, and RPG upgrade system. However, those who don't follow Nintendo religiously (and even some of those who do) may not have realized that the Fire Emblem released in the United States was actually the seventh game to be released in the series. Some Nintendo fans may have been made aware of the series when they unlocked the Fire Emblem characters Marth and Roy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, but unless you knew Japanese chances are you did not know too much about the series. This feature will tell you all you need to know about the Fire Emblem series from the original game released in 1990 to the challenging Thracia 776 released for Super Nintendo. First we will tell you about the development studio that has been responsible for every Fire Emblem released to date: Intelligent Systems.

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